From CFO to CEO

When Paul Mallen stepped into the CEO role at The Amalgamated Family of Companies in February 2018, he felt well prepared for the top job thanks to fourteen years at the White Plains, NY-based...

Kill The Messenger, Hurt Yourself

When our own reactions and behavior patterns lead others to filter information that we really need to lead, everyone loses.

Connect Outcomes to Profits

John Seifert, worldwide CEO and chairman of Ogilvy, is stewarding the iconic advertising agency through a major evolution called Next Chapter. “What’s remarkable is that almost every chief executive I speak with is navigating...

Private Equity’s Human Capital Problem

When it comes to private equity, we often hear about the friction between managers and investors, disconnects around the goals and expectations and the pace of desired change, with turnover and disruption (the bad kind,...

Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Culture to Merger Success

Financial strategy is important, but culture is the true lynchpin of M&A success.

Bringing Purpose Into Pay Programs

Examining non-financial metrics in the wake of the Covid-19 crisis.


Being A Great Boss Matters More Than Ever

At a time when employees are leaving their jobs in record numbers, focusing on the relationship between leaders and direct reports is critical.


CFOs Say Better Use Of Data Needed To Push Innovation, New Poll Reveals

Nearly three-quarters of CFOs polled say their company aspires to outperform peers in the race for insightful data, but only 33 percent believe they’re currently ahead of the competition.