Square Co-Founder: Innovation Is The Only True Hedge

The Square co-founder and deputy chair of the St. Louis Fed on the pandemic fallout, restarting the economy and why “innovation stack” companies fare best in volatile times. His book, The Innovation Stack: Building an Unbeatable Business One Crazy Idea at a Time, just hit shelves—real and virtual.

Using the Crisis to Get Leaner and Sharper, Starting with Your Team

A former oil CFO and Airborne Ranger says CFOs should seize the current opportunity to get leaner and become the company they want to be—and that employees are the key to getting there.

Remote Leadership Requires More Intention

With the workforce dispersed, CFOs have to be even more intentional about how they communicate with, and are visible to, their people.

From CFO to CEO

When Paul Mallen stepped into the CEO role at The Amalgamated Family of Companies in February 2018, he felt well prepared for the top job thanks to fourteen years at the White Plains, NY-based...

The Reality Behind Dual Class Shares

The answer, according to a new study by ISS, is mixed.

Roundtable Discussion: The Impact of Automation on Employees

In the following roundtable recap, CFOs discuss the best ways to adapt to an increasingly automated workplace while, at the same time, calming employee fears.