Fast-Growth M&A: A Winning Strategy

Doing several smaller acquisitions can help a company grow faster and generate more value than individual deals, but the increased deal flow can tax acquirers, leaving them with insufficient resources to get the deals done properly. Some tips to increase chances of success.

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The Hidden Trapdoor In M&A Deals

Third-party networks bring a lot of genuine value, but acquirers need to be cognizant of the inherent risks and bring their GCs and CCOs into the process early—rather than presenting it to them as a fait accompli.

How Serial Acquirers Retain Talent

As M&A activity heats up, new research highlights best practices for retention post-merger. The short answer? Plan to pay.

Business Valuation Challenges For 2021

The rules for business valuation have changed since the start of the pandemic. Twelve challenges to consider heading into the new year.

CoolSys Turns Up The Heat On Opportunistic Acquisitions

CEO Adam Coffey leverages industry giant’s financial strength and focuses on more ways to service “mission-critical” customers.