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Preparing For Supply Chain Disruptions

The pandemic has been a logistics nightmare for companies large and small. Here are some legal doctrines and steps that can help.

The Reality Behind Dual Class Shares

The answer, according to a new study by ISS, is mixed.

Covid Disclosures: The Rules of Transparency

It will be tempting to hide, delay, distort or leave out information during this crisis to avoid negative scrutiny of regulators and shareholders. Resist the urge and practice transparency.

Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Culture to Merger Success

Financial strategy is important, but culture is the true lynchpin of M&A success.

Mitigating Risks When Bringing Employees Back: A Guide

For many CFOs, this will be the first time dealing with life-or-death human physical safety—and there are a whole lot of issues to consider.

A Potential Reprieve From Product Liability Lawsuits

"Ford v. Bandemer," playing out in an obscure Minnesota jurisdiction, could bring companies across the U.S. a reprieve from product liability lawsuits.