Focus Your Tech Investments

Coronavirus is forcing companies to lean heavily on technology that supports remote work. But beware of the "more is better" approach to tech adoption.

The Need to Leverage Your Data

Those companies that had already begun mining their own data are best equipped to pivot during a crisis.

Roundtable Discussion: The Impact of Automation on Employees

In the following roundtable recap, CFOs discuss the best ways to adapt to an increasingly automated workplace while, at the same time, calming employee fears.

Driving Digital Transformation

Finance chiefs increasingly have become strategic partners in the quest for digital reinvention. Some advice to talk over with your CEO.

What CFOs Need to Know About Cyber Insurance Now

If anything, threat actors are more emboldened, exploiting work-at-home and counting on the C-suite to be distracted.

Tips for Overcoming a Tech-Averse Leadership Team

Want to be a changemaker in your organization? Start by understanding and accepting the critical role you, as CFO, play in helping your company adopt new technology.


Being A Great Boss Matters More Than Ever

At a time when employees are leaving their jobs in record numbers, focusing on the relationship between leaders and direct reports is critical.


CFOs Say Better Use Of Data Needed To Push Innovation, New Poll Reveals

Nearly three-quarters of CFOs polled say their company aspires to outperform peers in the race for insightful data, but only 33 percent believe they’re currently ahead of the competition.