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Digital transformation, AI and an explosion of new tech has created unprecedented opportunities for your Finance team to innovate, streamline and automate.

But with it; a headache for CFO’s – rapid development means you don’t fully know what you don’t know, and the decision-making process is more difficult and complex than ever.

You know it’s crucial that the right finance technology purchasing decisions are made, but evaluating the options is time-consuming and confusing – with continuing developments making it harder to keep up with what’s possible.

We're here to make it easy

What if you could spend a couple of days deeply immersed in learning about cutting-edge new technologies and suppliers, hearing the experiences and recommendations of your peers, evaluating and comparing software options and understanding the scalability and integration capabilities…

That would change the game, wouldn’t it?

6 Reasons You Need to Attend

Connect with peers

Get unbiased advice from CFOs about the challenges they’ve faced in integrating new finance tech and systems – and how they overcame them

Save time and money

Evaluate and compare solutions side-by-side to save yourself days of time setting up appointments – AND get a grasp of the full market to leverage your buying power

Hear case studies

Learn how organizations like yours are using AI and automation technologies to improve critical financial processes

Get practical solutions

Discover new ways to solve the challenges hindering operational efficiency and growth and learn how to improve integration of your systems

Stay ahead of the curve

Learn about the latest trends, the impact of AI and the cutting-edge technologies that are transforming how businesses operate

Make informed decisions

Get expert insights, ask questions, enjoy live-demos and speak directly to vendor’s customers to learn how they solved their integration challenges

Getting it wrong is costly

Making the wrong finance technology decisions costs time and money and disrupts business activity

And it’s more common than you might think – over half our survey respondents said they’d had to “un-do” a decision – cancelling a purchase and changing vendors due to unforeseen issues in the planning or implementation phase.

They cited issues including integration challenges, legacy software clashes, lack of customisation and poor support – and fundamentally; not knowing what they didn’t know.

But when you can talk to those who’ve been before you and ask questions about the pitfalls to avoid, when you can hear from other users and reassure yourself that a supplier has the capabilities you need, when you can see the full gamut of new technologies and trends to stay ahead of the curve – it’s much easier to make the right decision, first time.

This is the one event where you can collapse time and do all of that – at the same time as catching up with and learning from your peers.

It’s time to get the bigger picture on emerging finance technologies and deepen your understanding of what it will mean for you, your business and your teams.

See the latest technologies in:

Cash flow

Document management

Budgets & forecasting

Spend management

Talent & HR management

Travel & expense

Financial reporting

Internal communication

Work flow

Contact management

Project management

Sales & marketing tools

Who should attend?

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