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The Economic Outlook and 2024 Considerations for CFOs


The CFO’s Role in Strategic Decisions: Investing for Growth and Maximum ROI


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The CFO as Technology Strategist


Working Lunch and Peer Roundtables

Speaker: Micheal Stiller, New Initiatives, Nasdaq

As banks continue to face increasing uncertainty and volatility, middle-market CFOs are left with a critical decision to make: how to balance the importance of maintaining valuable banking relationships while also safeguarding cash reserves. What does effective cash management look like and what does the CFO’s role amid recent bank failures and economic uncertainty?

Speaker: Robbie Hadfield, Director of Solutions Engineering, Payhawk

The role of the CFO is changing and becoming increasingly focused on squeezing value from costs, driving the strategic direction of the organization, and communicating financials effectively with stakeholders. The current economic climate presents an opportunity for finance leaders to navigate organizations through uncertain times, leveraging digitization as a means to break down data silos and draw meaningful insights to grow the business. In this session, we will look at the challenges in the journey towards becoming a truly digital finance function, where you can leverage opportunities, explore the world of data, and engage with projects that will shape wider business strategy.

Speaker: Robin Beetge, VP of Sales, RecVue

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, CFOs face unique challenges in maximizing revenue streams. One such topic of increasing importance is the potential revenue loss due to outdated or inefficient billing systems. As industries shift and diversify their business models, it’s paramount for financial systems to keep pace. This roundtable delves into the repercussions of missed monetization opportunities and the compelling value proposition of embracing automated billing. RecVue will offer insights, debate the costs and benefits, and explore strategies to harness next-generation billing solutions to stay ahead in this competitive market.


Peer Roundtables

Speaker: Gabe Koch, Partner, AlixPartners

The M&A market was not kind to us for the better part of 2023, but sentiment is changing, and M&A activity has started to pick up. Studies have shown M&A is a good way to increase enterprise value, so how can CFOs leverage M&A? Join us for an in-depth discussion of current trends and issues facing buyers and sellers today. We will also discuss how carve-outs are an effective tool to focus companies on their core business, and the considerations CFOs need to make in assessing the right opportunity, strategy and approach.

Speaker: James O’Leary, Vice President of Customer Success, Anaplan

With so much disruption on the horizon, largely driven by a powerful wave of technology that is already in motion, its critical for CFOs and other leaders to prepare their organizations for change, set a vision for the future and mobilize their teams to architect a more connected, faster paced, technology driven finance organization that can thrive.


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The CFO as People Strategist


Lessons in Fraud – What the Largest Scandal in History Can Teach Us Today


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Inaugural CFO Leadership Awards Presentation


What It Takes to Be a Modern CFO


Reception & Celebration of CFO Leadership Award Honorees


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