Strategic Finance Summit


Thursday, February 25, 2021

10:30-10:40 am ET


10:40-11:20 am ET

Leading Beyond the Numbers: Marriott's Dynamic Duo

CEOs increasingly are looking for finance chiefs willing to step up and be strategic partners, helping to guide the company toward sustainable success—and there’s no better example than the dynamic duo who lead Marriott. CEO Arne Sorenson and CFO Leeny Olberg will talk about their unique partnership running one of the world’s largest and most sophisticated companies through the most challenging time in its history—together. From day-to-day operations to how they’ve fostered their relationship over time, this will be an extraordinary session on leadership with two of the most influential business leaders of our time. You won’t want to miss it.

Featured Speakers:

  • Leeny Oberg, EVP and Chief Financial Officer, Marriott International
  • Arne Sorenson, President and Chief Executive Officer, Marriott International

11:20-11:25 am ET


11:25 am-12:05 pm ET

Economic Outlook and Scenario Planning

CFOs that business performance is intrinsically linked to the broader global economy. While much is known about the future—interest rates are low, taxes are likely to increase, there are also large uncertainties—when will the Covid-19 threat dissipate, what will be the impact of the U.S. Elections, how will the global balance of power shift. Leaders need to make decisions in the face of uncertainty and develop plans for most likely scenarios with contingency plans in place. We’ll look at how the global economy is faring and what the leading indicators say for the future. Gain insights to help you plan for 2021 and beyond and take advantage of economic opportunities to best position your company for the future.

12:05-12:15 pm ET


12:15-12:55 pm ET

The Future of the Finance Function

Technological disruption is affecting all corners of business, and finance is no exception. Cloud applications, intelligent automation, robotic process automation, machine learning and blockchain are empowering finance departments to move from descriptive to predictive analytics, deliver more value and respond faster to the needs of the business. We’ll look at how leading companies are engaging with new technologies and redefining their data analytics agenda. And we’ll arm you with insights to evaluate future technology investments and create a framework to stay ahead of automation.

Featured Speaker:

  • Tom Kelly, Director, Oracle NetSuite
  • Cari Thomas, Chief Financial Officer, Quatris Healthcho

12:55-1:00 pm ET


1:00-1:40 pm ET

Cash and Capital – A Blueprint for Optimizing Long-Term Value

Companies that outperform their industry groups over long periods of time take different approaches in terms of strategy, leadership and innovation but the outlier performers shared one commonality – they are good allocators of capital. Learn the secrets of Warren Buffett and other outstanding CEOs and create a checklist for capital allocation.

Featured Speaker:

  • William Thorndike, Managing Partner, The Cromwell Harbor Partnership; Author, The Outsiders: Eight Unconventional CEOs and Their Radically Rational Blueprint for Success

1:40-1:45 pm ET


1:45-2:15 pm ET

Leading Through Disruption – A Conversation with Costco's CFO

Few CFOs have amassed the knowledge and experience that Richard Galanti has accumulated during his 35-year-plus tenure leading finance at Costco, one of the world’s most well-known and successful retailers, with more than 800 locations and $163 billion in revenue. He has pretty much seen it all—from stock market crashes and technology disruptions—including Amazon—to a pandemic that’s made Costco one of America’s most-essential businesses, and in this exclusive conversation, he’ll share what he’s learned about finance, about business, and about leadership at a time when leadership is more essential than ever before.

Featured Speaker:

  • Richard Galanti, Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Director, Costco Wholesale

3:30 pm ET

Event Concludes