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Accountants are being asked to pair their financial expertise with data analytics skills, along with soft skills such as leadership. How can you best prepare yourself and your finance team for these new demands? Watch this webinar to gain an understanding of 9 key developments impacting the field and how your accounting team can transition into a more strategic role.

CFOs now have the opportunity to make things happen, not just record what happened after the fact. But operating as a highly effective CFO requires being both a strategic and operational leader, which for some can be a tough balancing act. So, what are the keys to CFO success in today’s high stakes business environment?

Longtime technology consultant Steven Kaplan, author of The ROI Story: A Guide for IT Leaders, lays out his framework to help you better evaluate the real value of your company’s technology spending. He’ll arm you with tips and tactics to help you not only better evaluate the potential risks and rewards of any new technology, but also hone the process for IT staff to make sure you’re getting the most bang for the buck.

Covid brought out a pace of change no one would have imagined one year ago. The pandemic has impacted many companies’ business models and digital transformation roadmaps. Objectives have shifted, new risks have emerged, and consumer habits are now constantly pivoting to take advantage of the latest technology. In Corporate Board Member and RSM’s recent survey of public company directors, 84% said the primary objective their organizations are trying to address with digital technologies is to improve the customer experience.