Author: Jonathan Byrnes

Managing a decision-enhancement system implementation

How To Manage A Decision-Enhancement System Implementation

Decision-enhancement systems are fundamentally different from the more common digital-automation systems—and the key to success is not the hardware or software, but rather generating demand for the new system, and winning the hearts and minds and developing the muscle memory of those involved.

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Setting the right inventory is key to profitable supply chain management.

Stop Using The Wrong Inventory Metrics

With many organizations looking to transform their supply chains this year, MIT’s Jonathan Byrnes wrote a piece last week on How to Design a High-Profit Supply Chain. In this week’s Part II, he focuses on supply chain management.

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How to build a high-profit supply chain

How To Design A High-Profit Supply Chain

A recent HSBC survey of over 2,000 executives found that 42 percent plan to transform their supply chains in 2023, and 47 percent view this as a priority in the near future. MIT’s Jonathan Byrnes has ideas on how to make sure yours maximizes profits in this first of a two-part response.

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