CFO Confidence Index

A quarterly pulse survey of U.S.-based CFOs

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Launched in the fall of 2020, the CFO Confidence Index is a quarterly pulse survey of U.S.-based CFOs and senior finance executives at organizations of all sectors and sizes on their perspective of the economy and how policies and current events are affecting their companies and strategies. Every quarter, StrategicCFO360 and BlackLine partner to ask these business leaders the same three questions regarding their confidence in the current business environment, their outlook for the economy 12 months from now and their projections for their company’s revenue, profit, capex and cash/debt ratio for the year ahead. Supplementing those three questions are questions on current events, as they pertain to strategy and operations.

Participation in the poll is reserved exclusively for CFOs and senior finance executives.

The survey only remains open for 48 hours and the findings are released within three business days to provide a real-time assessment of sentiment. The findings are accompanied by insights from participating CFOs and the experts at BlackLine to provide additional depth and context to the data. Unless otherwise explicitly agreed upon by the respondent, all responses are kept confidential to allow participants to share their perspective in a respectful, truthful, unbiased and collegial setting.

For more information about the Index and our research programs, please contact our Research team at [email protected]

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