How To Avoid ‘Profit Deserts’

The digital giants are powerful. But with some critical shifts, CFOs can still help their companies win, says MIT’s Jonathan Byrnes.

First Read: Your Digitalization Agenda

Creating real change requires a shift in mindset among your leaders—and real buy in. Where to start.

Part 2: Building the Digital Mindset

Embracing digital is urgent and a sequenced portfolio of digital experiments is needed to learn and re-learn so the business can navigate the uncertainties ahead and transform successfully.

Part 3: The Five Traps That Stall Digitalization

Conditions that support the status quo, inhibit change, favor incrementalism, and cause roadblocks—sometimes consciously, other times more implicitly—are the building blocks of failure. A guide.

Part 4: Three Essential Guidelines For Digital Reinvention

Is the senior team truly behind the substance and significance of digital business reinvention beyond symbolic moves? We offer three guidelines.

Part 5: A Digital Diagnostic Discussion For Your Team

Many firms have already explored and executed some digital initiatives to date. You may be in the midst of your own plans. As a starting point, we invite you to take a quick look at the following six questions and see how many apply to your setting now.