Ram Charan: How CFOs Must Rethink Competitive Advantage

The bestselling author and advisor to CEOs and boards around the world shares his thoughts on what truly wins in the digital age—and how CFOs can lead the charge. "What you've got to lose is the old rigidity, the old mindset."

How To Judge Finance Team Candidates

Julian Milev, CFO of NitroPack, says it comes down to a couple of straightforward questions for potential employees.

Worried About Supply Chain Issues? Look At Your Logistics Spending

Freight procurement, in particular, is a leading area of financial waste.

To Close The Deal, Leave Yourself Room To Concede

In today's market, the best M&A deals go to the shrewdest negotiators. To ensure you get the best deal, make sure you have your concession plan ready before you make your first offer.

3 Ways To Take An ROI-Based Approach To Technology Investments

It’s harder than it’s ever been, but ignore the hype and be careful of shiny objects.

Futureproofing Finance Teams

Now that finance functions are tech-enabled and the staff no longer crunches numbers, needed skills include financial analysis and interpretation.

Slide In CFO Confidence Accelerates In October As Concerns Over Labor,...

New poll by StrategicCFO360 shows CFO outlook for business in 2022 continued to slide in October, as concerns over inflation, labor shortages, supply chain volatility and political tension mount.

How To Prepare For Growth

Giant Oak’s new CFO Kenneth Friedli is taking steps today to prepare for the data screening company to double its size in the next couple of years.

‘Today’s AP Departments Are An Intelligence Hub’

Medius CFO Anders Fohlin on how the pandemic has accelerated AP automation—and the possibilities that opens up.

How To Manage Your Most Important Risk

Shift your metrics if you want to address the dangers to profitability most effectively.

3 Tips For Raising Capital During A Pandemic (And Why Fundraising Will Never Be...

Many leaders seeking capital were wary of the changes the pandemic brought to fundraising, but leaning into the new normal allowed one entrepreneur to fine-tune his pitch, cast a wider net and bring in big bucks.

CFO Confidence At Lowest Level On Record

New poll by StrategicCFO360 shows CFO outlook for business in 2022 continues to slide in September as supply chain disruptions and lack of skilled labor hamper companies’ ability to meet growing demand.

Going Public? Pay Attention To Board Composition

The decision to go public is a major one, and the CFO has an important role. Here’s how to get it right.

‘We’ve Cracked The Unit Economics’

How Shenandoah Growers CFO Mike Buckley is helping to bring down the cost of organic produce—and dramatically expand the company in the process.

Your Biggest Wins Are Often Missing from Your Marketing Data

When CFOs focus on specific data details and don’t see the big picture, they miss opportunities for growth.

5 Things To Do Before You Start A New Role

Whether you’re moving from CFO to CEO or overseeing a shift for someone on your team, these steps can help you succeed.

The CFO Network

Join The CFO Network: Learn From Experience

We place CFOs into peer groups for accelerated learning and improved results.

Building The Digital Mindset


Three Important Steps To Create Your ESG Reporting Flywheel

An excerpt from CFOs: You need more than a plan for ESG data, you need a flywheel.

Lessons From PwC’s Finance Function Transformation

How upskilling and automation can power the future of finance.

How Prescriptive Analytics Helps Maximize Revenue For Your Company

Any investment decision CFOs make today should profit the organization in the future—whether that’s right around the corner or a year ahead.

The Imperative Of Clear Expectations For Your Team

If you want great results, assuming your team understands the outcomes you’re looking for is the best way not to get them.

Join The CFO Network: Learn From Experience

We place CFOs into peer groups for accelerated learning and improved results.


Why A Seldom Used Ratio Is Now Defining The Strongest Financial...

While contraction and layoffs may be inescapable, there are avenues to capital, and ultimately revenue, which are drastically underutilized.