VIP StarNetwork CFO Karthik Mohan On Why The Details Matter

His first initiative after joining the healthcare company? Focusing on cash flow.

Prepare For More Financial Scrutiny Ahead

CFOs need to review and strengthen their policies and procedures to ensure proper Covid, climate risk and ESG-related disclosures.

Heartland Dental’s Travis Franklin On What Entrepreneurship Can Teach CFOs

One finance leader says also being an entrepreneur helps give him a needed ‘operational bias.’

Cracking The C-Suite’s Glass Ceiling

Want to create a successful, sustainable pipeline of female leaders? Show them a clear development path that is outcome-based, purpose-driven and sets sights on attainable goals.

Avoiding Whistleblower Claims In The Covid-19 Era

The newest Covid relief bill will provide much-needed funds for companies still struggling. But it will also open them to new liability.

Driving Toward The Future: What Auto Industry CFOs Are Doing Right

Chief financial officers in all industries should take a page from their automotive peers by fundamentally rethinking the way they evaluate future growth and make financial decisions.

March Poll Shows CFO Confidence At Record Highs On Loosening Covid...

StrategicCFO360’s latest poll of U.S. CFOs shows the gradual loosening of Covid restrictions having an impact on their optimism for the year ahead—with confidence in future business conditions now surpassing that of CEOs.

What’s Stalling Your Recurring Revenue Business?

The 6 systemic issues at the root of every organization’s growth challenges.

Special Report: How Finance Chiefs Can Drive A New World Of Data

CFOs are increasingly adding nontraditional metrics, such as net promoter scores and key performance indicators, to their dashboards—and it's proving to be a competitive weapon at a crucial time.

In 2021, Middle Market Executives Face Challenges Related to Talent, Cybersecurity

Survey finds major theme is the discrepancy between what business leaders recognize as critical concerns and what they have the bandwidth and financial security to prioritize.

Proving Economic Viability

For early-stage companies, generally viewed as unproven, Geomega's Mathieu Bourdeau says it's critical to factor in contingencies and 'be quite conservative in our margins, while being able to think outside the box.'

Comp Concerns: Measuring Executive Performance In 2021

In designing executive pay strategy for an uncertain 2021, boards and executive teams must reconcile their recent compensation adjustments with both new and lingering pressures for change.

CEO Optimism Plateaus In March Amid Rising Inflation Worries

Optimism is holding steady on vaccine delivery and growing demand—but increasing concerns over inflationary risk and Biden’s economic policies have dulled the outlook.

Jeff Immelt: What I Learned, What I’m Learning

In an excerpt from his new book, the former CEO of GE shares hard-won wisdom about surviving defeat, coping with regret and moving forward.

Embedded Finance: The Next Big Disruption?

A look at how a host of brands are becoming fintech disruptors—and the questions CEOs and CFOs should be asking about embedded finance.

‘The Most Important Role CFOs Play In M&A Is In Integration’

Novelis CFO Devinder Ahuja talks about finding key synergies, tying sustainability to P&L and why finance chiefs have a uniquely wide-lens view of operations.

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Tips for Overcoming a Tech-Averse Leadership Team

Want to be a changemaker in your organization? Start by understanding and accepting the critical role you, as CFO, play in helping your company adopt new technology.


The Imperative Of Clear Expectations For Your Team

If you want great results, assuming your team understands the outcomes you’re looking for is the best way not to get them.

Join The CFO Network: Learn From Experience

We place CFOs into peer groups for accelerated learning and improved results.


Why A Seldom Used Ratio Is Now Defining The Strongest Financial...

While contraction and layoffs may be inescapable, there are avenues to capital, and ultimately revenue, which are drastically underutilized.