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We regularly survey CFOs on topical issues affecting the business community to provide valuable insights and best practices based on real-world experience. StrategicCFO360’s research provides a unique venue to make your voice heard as a prominent member of the C-Suite and a strategic adviser to the CEO.

If you are the CFO of a U.S.-based company, we invite you to join our research panel. In addition to receiving early-access survey findings and reports, you can earn reward points redeemable toward any Chief Executive Group product or service (e.g., Senior Executive Network membership, CEO & Senior Executive Compensation Report for Private Companies, one-year subscription to our magazine), as per the following reward scale:

20 points: $100 discount

30 points: $150 discount

40 points: $200 discount

50 points: $300 discount

Points are assigned based on the length of each survey and are cumulative over time. For instance, our monthly CFO Confidence Index, which only requires 1-2 minutes of your time, grants you 5 points. A longer survey, requiring 5-7 minutes of your time, would provide you 10 points. Finally, our flagship surveys, such as the CEO & Senior Executive Compensation survey, occurring only once or twice a year, each earn you 20 points.

By joining our efforts to provide C-Suite officers with rich data designed to address risk management, business strategy, cash management, technology, talent and operations optimization through industry benchmarking, you further enhance the quality of leadership across the nation and help build strategies for success.

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Slide In CFO Confidence Accelerates In October As Concerns Over Labor,...

New poll by StrategicCFO360 shows CFO outlook for business in 2022 continued to slide in October, as concerns over inflation, labor shortages, supply chain volatility and political tension mount.