Building The Digital Mindset

A guide to the essentials of leadership and business transformation in the 2020s.

Presented by Chief Executive Group, in partnership with AWS


Your Digitalization Agenda

Creating real change requires a shift in mindset among your leaders—and real buy in. Where to start. (4 Min. Read) 

Building the Digital Mindset

Embracing digital is urgent and a sequenced portfolio of digital experiments is needed to learn and re-learn so the business can navigate the uncertainties ahead and transform successfully. (2 Min. Read)

The Five Traps That Stall Digitalization

Conditions that support the status quo, inhibit change, favor incrementalism, and cause roadblocks—sometimes consciously, other times more implicitly—are the building blocks of failure.
(2 Min. Read)

Digital Reinvention: Three Essential Guidelines

Is the senior team truly behind the substance and significance of digital business reinvention beyond symbolic moves? We offer three guidelines.
(2 Min. Read)

Digital Diagnostic: A Discussion For Your Team

Many firms have already explored and executed some digital initiatives to date. You may be in the midst of your own plans. As a starting point, we invite you to take a quick look at the following six questions and see how many apply to your setting now. (3 Min. Read)

AWS Conversations with Leaders Podcast

This series features discussions with executive leaders who are transforming their teams and their organizations. Hosted by AWS Enterprise Strategist Jake Burns, the series explores topics such as leadership, culture, and managing change.