Will They Swipe Right Or Swipe Left?

Make sure you're a match for top talent.
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How to make sure your company is a match for today's top talent.

Attracting and retaining the best talent for your organization is critical in today’s competitive job market. Savvy candidates will seize their opportunity to assess your company just as thoroughly as you are analyzing their resumes. With instant access to online information, prospects and candidates can make quick, informed decisions to swipe right or left when evaluating potential employers. Enhance your company’s appeal to top talent by ensuring your mission, vision and unique strengths stand out.

Create the right first impression

Building a diverse, highly skilled workforce requires an objective look at how your organization shows up online and in real life. View your company from the perspective of potential employees and ask:

  • What does your company’s online profile, website or collateral say about your organization?
  • Does your organization demonstrate a cultural competence and inclusive, diverse workplace?
  • Can prospects and candidates see themselves reflected in the diversity of your workforce? Of your leadership?
  • Is it clear how you invest in career development and advancement?
  • How does your company speak to social injustice or environmental challenges?

Your organization must focus on priorities important to job candidates
if you want to recruit the best talent

Impress prospects and candidates in areas that matter most

Today’s workforce is looking for more than a paycheck. They are looking for a purpose. A Korn Ferry survey of U.S. job candidates showed that 56 percent will not consider a job if they do not agree with the company’s values.

Your job postings and online presence should demonstrate your organization’s strengths in areas that are important to potential employees:

  • Work-life balance. Candidates seek employers who care for their well-being and respect work-life boundaries. Explain how your organization supports initiatives such as wellness programs, reduced working hours or opportunities to socialize.
  • Flexibility in where and when employees work. Flexible hours and hybrid workplaces that blend onsite and remote work are attractive. A Deloitte survey found that 94 percent of professional employees want workplace flexibility. A survey by Skynova further indicated that nearly half of employees feel a flexible schedule is more important than salary.   
  • Meaningful work. New hires want to feel valued and respected. Companies that can clearly describe how a position contributes to the operation and success of the organization stand apart.
  • Opportunities for career growth and mobility. Companies that invest in employees to help them develop as individuals attract top talent. Clear career paths also increase employee satisfaction and help you retain a diverse workforce, which is particularly important when the cost of replacing an employee can be 120 percent to 200 percent of their original salary, according to talent specialists at Korn Ferry.

Form a long-term relationship

The journey toward establishing a talented, diverse team begins with innovative recruiting strategies and continues throughout the interview and onboarding process. Ask yourself:

  • Who is a part of the talent acquisition and onboarding process?
    • How would candidates rate the quality of the recruiting and hiring experience?
    • How is your organization sharing its story internally and externally?

Tips to attract top talent

  • Polish your profile, but be authentic. Your organization should exhibit the values you claim.
  • Start with a sparkling job description. Ensure job descriptions are free from bias and use inclusive language that demonstrates how candidates can excel in the role.
  • Recruit from a diversity of sources, regions and associations.
  • Eliminate bias from hiring processes. Even unintentional bias limits diversity and can lead to poor hiring decisions.
    • Remove identifiers from resumes, such as names, associations and schools so the focus is on skills.
    • Assemble an interview team that reflects the diversity of your organization and includes those in similar roles.
    • Ask consistent questions to all candidates to maintain objectivity. 
  • Ensure a positive onboarding experience sets the tone for new employees’ successful careers.

Organizations will only be successful in the next 5 to 10 years
if they start investing in diverse talent.

The right match: creating a company employees love

Attracting, recruiting and retaining employees who are the best match for your organization entails having a fresh perspective. Look at your company’s hiring, onboarding and career growth practices through the candidate’s (or employee’s) eyes. The resulting insights will not only boost your chances of getting a swipe right from the best talent in today’s competitive job market but will also help you retain your most valued employees for long-term success.

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